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How to Create Twitter Account 2019


Twitter is another social networking site operated around the globe. Most of the professional people use Twitter to stay connected and to become updated with every new thing getting into the people conversation. For that one should have the account on the site of the twitter. In order to have an account on twitter if you have the issue that how to create twitter account then you don’t have to worry about that. I will tell you that how you can create your own personal twitter account.

Step 01:

Go to the and sign the signup option.

How to Create Twitter Account step 1

Step 02:

Enter your name and either your email address or mobile number. And then click the next button.

How to Create Twitter Account step 2

Step 03:

After clicking next click the signup button.

How to Create Twitter Account step3

Step 04:

After that, they will send you the verification code either on mobile number or an email address for verification of your account. As your code is verified them click again the signup and your twitter account will be created.

How to Create Twitter Account step4

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