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How to Delete LinkedIn Account

How to Delete LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a professional site where lots of people get different opportunities but like all other sites, some people also have some issues with their LinkedIn account and what to delete it permanently but didn’t know the way that how to delete your LinkedIn account.

How to Deactivate Your Account

LinkedIn does not permit customers to deactivate or disable their accounts. Instead, as you may function is conceal your account beyond inquire machine outcomes yet will now not stand visible to customers whichever are no longer logged between to their LinkedIn accounts.

  • Step 01: Privacy and Settings 
  • Step 02: Manage 
  • Step 03: Edit your public profile 
  • Step 04: Make my profile visible to no one

This is, however, a small misleading. As LinkedIn notes, that might also be several weeks earlier than your plan stops showing upon between inquire engine results. But you perform nevertheless log in to your LinkedIn account and utilizes the site’s services, and your profile intention nevertheless be seen to your present connections.


How to Delete LinkedIn Account

Step 01: 

One should need to login to his or her LinkedIn account on the web browser because it is not possible to delete your account from the LinkedIn app whether on your PC or on mobile browser. Without login to account, you will not be able to delete it.


Step 02:

On the home page in one of the top bar you will page the option of “Me”. Click on that option and dropdown bar will appear. Under the accounts option, there is an option of setting and privacy. Click on setting and privacy.


Step 03:

Scroll down the accounts menu at the end you will have the option of “closing your LinkedIn account” and open it.


Step 04:

In that option, you will be offered with many reasons that why you want to delete your account. Choose any one option which is the most appropriate according to you.


Step 05:

The last option before closing the account permanently is to re-enter password for the confirmation of the deletion of your LinkedIn account. After entering the password you will have the option of delete your account permanently.


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