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How Website Works? ikashif khan


How website works is a common question that comes to everybody’s mind when they encounter with websites. But to answer this crack question we first need to learn what a website is?


A website is a collection of files or webpages made in different computer languages that are identified by a common domain name such as Files under

Another term you will hear again and again during website working is named as Server


A server is a high-speed computer device having RAM of at least 32GB that manages the connections for running multiple programs. There are different types of servers such as Network servers, Print and Data servers, etc.

The Actual Website Working: (Step to Step Guide):

  1. Whenever you type a domain name in a browser such as Student founder, your search result is sent into DNS Server
  2. The server checks for the availability of website under its Database by searching the website Cache
  3. If you are searching for the domain name for the first time, then it would have not been added in the Cache which is why it is sent to the Root server
  4. Root server then checks for the IP Address and saves it
  5. The Root server then further process the search request, finds hosting and loads the website
  6. Once the IP address has been saved, the search request won’t go the Root server and the website will directly be loaded on its encounter with DNS only. This is the reason why websites load slower during first time and loads faster when you are opening it for the second time.

We hope you understood How Website Works. Good Day Ahead!



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