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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Website‎


Beginners or professionals, all of us in our online field often wonder why is it necessary for us to choose WordPress to make a website and not the other platforms? The answer to this question is very simple and below in this article, I will tell you why Choose WordPress? Do you know that WordPress is the topmost widely used CMS among all the website making platforms such as Drupal and Joomla? WordPress has been used by big companies such as Disney, New York Times blog, and BBC America, etc. Another exciting thing about WordPress that might amaze u is that WordPress is not the only platform that allows you free installation, but it’s the unique adjustment feature of the WordPress that differentiate it among all. WordPress lets you completely own your website, install Plugins, and customize your website to your desires.

Below are a few most to be noted reasons why you should choose WordPress over other Platforms.

Do you know that there are two different types of WordPress i-e WordPress.com and WordPress.org check out what the difference between two is, and why it is important for you to know that?

1: No Prior WordPress Experience Required:

Yes, you heard it right. You can start with WordPress as a Fresh learner and with practice and Patience, you can become an expert at it. You also don’t need to be afraid of learning coding because you can customize your website even without it but a little bit of Coding knowledge is good to make your website attractive.

2: WordPress is an Entry Gate to Online World:

No doubt, that WordPress can help you create wonders inside your online field and let me tell you how.

Once you are aware of how you can make a site a WordPress, you can simply add this skill to your Fiver account, make a gig, and grab customers to make websites for them. Most Projects these days on fiver are based on WordPress.

3: Easy to Customize:

WordPress is the simplest Content Management system among all the web making platforms circulating. WordPress is user friendly even for beginners. It requires no hard and fast customization rules. To be honest, you would completely be drown into experiencing something new and exciting with every click.

4: Free Themes and Plugins:

WordPress offers you thousands of Free and Paid Plugins and Themes to make your dream site. It allows you to install themes that exactly or to a greater extent are relevant with your business. It also allows you to change theme in accordance with your business with just few clicks because WordPress comes with its own theme customization panel that allows you to change color, add media, and add forms add sliders, change background, and much more.

WordPress plugins are like the ganache on a chocolate cake. They are actually the ones that help you add more beauty and new features to your website such as contact forms, automatic backups, etc.

Iff you want to be a WordPress Developer you must have a good laptop:

5: SEO Friendly:

WordPress is search engine friendly and let me tell you why? There are few reasons to it one among them is that WordPress gives each post a unique Meta description which is why it becomes precise for search engine optimization. WordPress sites are also mobile responsive and loads a way faster than other one which is why it is at priority for search engines.

6: Safe and Secure:

WordPress sites are safe and secure which is why it has 60% higher consumers. WordPress makes no compromise on its security measurements and has a great responsive support unit ready to help you at any time. Since WordPress allows you to add lots of interesting features to your site and make it rank high, this is why there are many hackers sitting at your back to destroy you which is why WordPress has plugins free and paid that helps you secure your site.


We hope you enjoyed reading the article and learned something new. I wish you a Good day ahead.

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