How to Delete Soundcloud Account

SoundCloud is an online audio allocation platform and song sharing website based totally in Berlin, Germany that allows its users to upload, promote, or share audio. It is a track and podcast streaming flooring as lets you listen to tens of millions over songs from around the world, then add your own. SoundCloud is fair for every person anybody desires after hears to and piece music.

There is additionally abroad option for these anybody needs after upload and honor their personal music. However, such has limits concerning the aggregation of track so execute remain uploaded, the facts kept because of every song, and definitive advanced controls or tools. There is a question that how to delete a Soundcloud account? But you don’t have to worry because here I will discuss that how you can delete your Soundcloud account permanently.

Soundcloud is the music app where you can enjoy every type of music you want but for that, you must have to sign up to the Soundcloud. If you are getting bored with the music word and want to go out of it then you have to delete your Soundcloud account.

There is a question that how to delete a Soundcloud account? But you don’t have to worry because here I will discuss that how you can delete your Soundcloud account permanently.

SoundCloud’s data removal policy

SoundCloud is primarily based within Germany and has a responsibility to consent along German facts protection laws, the normal information bearing policies guiding on-line purposes primarily based between the United States work now not apply here. As a result, deleting your SoundCloud tab desire instantly remove whole your associated records from the servers, which include the sounds so much you have uploaded and the usage data associated with these sounds.

“In discipline to acquiesce together with statistics safety regulations, we want to fully eliminate data, when requested to operate consequently by a signed-in user,” notes the company. “This means so we hold a short timeframe for restoring deleted content.”

Step 01:

Log in to your Soundcloud account


Step 02:

Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of your home page.

Step 03:

A menu will drop down. Click on the setting at the end of that menu bar.


Step 04:

Scroll down the is opened and click on the “delete account” at the end of the page.


Step 05:

Before deletion of the account you will be asked for the reason that why you want to delete your account. Choose any one option.


Step 06:

At the end of the page you will have the option of delete account. Click that.


How to reactivate your SoundCloud account

As soon as you select to eliminate your account, you records get right now wiped clean beyond the servers. But if you deleted you calculation recently, SoundCloud would possibly remain in a position to restore it. You choice want after email SoundCloud team from the e mail tackle associated with your tale they’ll get returned to you along facts postulate such is possible to quote you account.

“If your account was once deleted greater than a not much weeks ago however, we will be incapable after repair it,” reads the guide document. If your deleted estimate cannot be restored, you desire want to create a company current line of SoundCloud. If you acquire an error information whilst trying to eliminate your account saying it’s been frozen, thy deletion try has timed outdoors and the estimate was once now not deleted properly. Should it show up to you, contact SoundCloud’s support group for assistance.


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