How to Sync Work Emails with Email Provider

How to Sync Work Emails with Email Provider

If you want to see your work Emails inside your Gmail, Yahoo or live account, which you can normally receive under your hosting account by clicking Check Email tab but if it’s hard for you to access those Emails and you want to see them inside your Gmail or Yahoo account so here are few steps you need to follow to sync your work Emails with Email Provider. It also saves you from the trouble of multiple accounts and you can easily access all your emails inside one account.

  1. Open your Email Account under CPanel of your website
  2. Click Connect Devices
  3. Go to your Gmail
  4. Click settings
  5. Click Check mails from other accounts
  6. Click Add a mail account
  7. Enter your work email such as [email protected]
  8. Enter username and Password
  9. Copy the pop sever from your website Cpanel
  10. Your work email has now been added

Watch the video below to have a more clear understanding of the syncing work Emails with Email provider guide.


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