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Makra Peak | Siri Paye Shogran Kaghan Valley Pakistan

Makra Peak Siri Paye Shogran Kaghan Valley Pakistan | ikashif khan

Makra peak is the terrific beauty located in Mansehra District of Hazara Region in northern Pakistan. Height of the Makra peak is 3885 meters and almost 200 kilometers from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

This scenic beauty comes under the region of Himalayan Mountains in the Balakot Tehsil of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

The name of the peak is derived from the Urdu background word “Makra” which means a spider. This name becomes famous among the local citizen of that area because of the structure made by snow at the top of the mountains giving a look of a spider.

This iconic Makra Peak on Shogran Valley is located within south-east regarding Kiwai and south concerning Paye Meadow. An average 4-6 hours tour (depending over trekker fitness) beyond Paye leads to Makra Top.

This “Spider Peak” is a stunning dazzling highest Himalayas Mountain Peak spot, positioned at Tehsil Balakot of Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Shogran valley also known as a virtual paradise because it is the most beautiful and eye catching natural beauty in this world which is still not harmed by human activities.  The covering of snow of these mountains of the Makra Peak makes you feel a part of any beautiful fairy tale. It’s a best tourist place for trekking and hiking but hiking may becomes sometimes hard due to snow and difficult mountain climbing.

How to Reach

Makra peak is about on 62 kilometers drive from the main city of Mansehra on a Kaghan road. A single road around 7 kilometers leads you towards Shograh. It is a well-known traveler lodge or has incomplete hotels for travelers to stay.

From Shogran you do employ jeeps, horses or ponies for the outing postulate you don’t choose backpacking. A jeep be able take you over to Siri. Onward from Siri base journey starts. You perform also appoint ponies or horses for the relaxation over journey upon to Makra Peak base camp agreement you wish. It is as regards four hours tour relying about the fitness of a trekker.

Another way to reach to this traffic beauty is through the capital of Azad Kashmir the Muzaffarabad. It is about 35 kilometers from Bheri, the base camp of Makra. As you reach to the Bheri hiking for about 5 to 6 hours leads you to the top of Makra.

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The beauty of Makra Peak


A god blessing seen is generated from the top of Makra Peak. From top one can enjoy complete view of kaghan valley on side of peak and the stunning view of Kashmir on the other hand. Other famous mountains like Malika Parbat, Chambra, Musa Ka Musalla, and Shingri also give a beautiful view from Makra top.

Makra is a simple top to climb together with a moderate degree over trekking problem or doesn’t require any pragmatic mountain climbing skills and abilities to grow it. Although such do stay easy to climb, fatalities have occurred throughout storms or the fatality rate is 30%. Fatalities have a tendency to happen within faulty weather, particularly thick fog, or so a result of the steepness over incomplete sections.

Kiwai resort and motels

Kiwai is a place which is located about 38 miles from Mansehra city on Kaghan road. 7 kilometers from the Kiwai there comes a shogran which is known as a famous tourist resort. Also, it has some motels for the tourist to stay there.

Trekking Part of Makra Peak

For a trekking part of your trip to the peak, you must have to hire jeeps, horses or ponies for your trek if you are not in favor of backpacking.

If you are hiring a jeep it will take you up to the Siri Paye. For onwards one should start trekking with the help of horses or ponies.

Safety Precautions

Unfavorable climatic conditions have to face at top of the Makra Peak which is mostly stormy and foggy weather. This weather is very difficult to be faced and also climbing is dangerous in it. Mostly people with respiratory tract infections face problems over there so they should avoid trek and ascent.

Written by Sibha Ayub

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