what is Domain and Hosting

What is Domain and Hosting | Complete Beginner Guide

What is a Domain?

A domain name in simple words is the name of your website. It is the address on which people find your website in the internet. The Domain name is always unique. No two websites can be developed on the same domain name.

For example, if you are looking for a website named StudentsFounder.com (Domain name) simply type Studentsfounder (Address) and you will be directed towards the website

Why were the Domain names developed?

A computer uses IP address to save your website but IP address is a series of huge numbers such as 191 181.45.8 which is hard to remember. This is why domain names were developed so that it’s easy both for the user and searcher to access websites

Domain Types:

The Top-level Domains include the following.

  1. .com: The term has been taken from commercial initially meant for commercial websites only but later on the restriction was removed and is now used by a wide range of people for different purposes. It is now the most popular domain type used for business, email, etc.
  2. .net: The term shortened for network meant for companies that provides networking technologies. It is most commonly used with a purpose of it being close to the .com
  3. .info: The Term has been taken from information and is used by websites that provide information such as news websites but these days .com is mostly preferred
  4. .Edu: The term taken from education was meant for the schools, colleges


What is Hosting?

Web hosting is actually a service or an organization that allows individuals to post their websites on the internet because they are the ones that provide the websites the technologies it requires to be viewed on the internet by viewers.

These websites are stored or hosted on special computers called servers. (You can check the complete guide on what is a server)

Remember you must have a domain first in order to find hosting. It’s like you must have the food first so you can pour it to the plate. If you don’t have a domain hosting companies also lets you buy a one.

What are the Types of Hosting?

There are many types of hosting which we will discuss below. The three main types are

1: Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting refers to your website hosting being shared by other websites as well by a combined server. This type of hosting is initially beneficial since you get to pay less and the cost is being divided but the major drawback it has that your website traffic is affected. Since if you have the most popular website in your group, all the traffic would be grabbed by it and you won’t get anything.

2: Reseller Hosting:

It is actually a shared web hosting plan with more technical improvements and gives you more control over your website. As its name indicates, they are meant for the people who actually want to earn profit by providing web hosting space to others. The Reseller hosting comes with additional built-in tools to make it more attractive for the buyer such as Websites templates, Technical control, Private name servers, etc.

3: VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server Hosting VPS is like having a separate rented house in a colony. It provides more freedom, more control, and more space. Its offers the flexibility since you can customize it to your choice. Less load is provided on server But VPS hosting has a great cost.

What to Consider when Choosing the Right Hosting plan of your needs?

Choosing the right hosting plan for your website is the most important step because often people buy things that are not necessary for them.

Check out in the video below the Hosting plans and which one you should buy.


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