how to delete history from google chrome

Google history is column on the Google home page which keeps all the records of the things you have searched on the chrome. Keep track over your data online. Find someone article, report or webpage you’ve been before, using keywords you keep in mind about it

Make that convenient because of yourself to keep track about your things to do at some stage in the web. Find lower back articles, documents, and anybody other webpage with whatever you have in mind reading of it.

  • You can search your information through online way just like any file you have searched on your PC.
  • While remembering your searched keyword you can find back your webpage on it.
  • Everything once searched on the webpage will be there in the Google chrome history you can find it very easily there.

If you are concern about the security of the thing you have searched on the Google chrome than you must have to clear all the search history from your browser to prevent it from others to that what you have searched on any particular time.

There is a particular way through which you can delete your chrome history. Here in this article, we will discuss that how to delete chrome history.

What History Page Shows

Your History page shows the WebPages you’ve visited concerning Chrome into the ultimate 90 days. It doesn’t keep Chrome pages you’ve visited like chrome: //settings, pages you have visited within Incognito mode, and pages you have in the meantime deleted beyond you browsing history.

If you’re signed among in accordance with Chrome yet syncing your history, then your History page indicates WebPages you’ve visited throughout all your synced units for a great deal longer.

Steps for Deletion of Chrome History

Step 01:

First of all open the chrome on your system screen or on the mobile device and click the 3 dots in a column on the top right side of your chrome page.



Step 02:

A drop menu will appear. Scroll down that menu and click then on the history option.


Step 03:

A page will be open there on the chrome. On the left side of that page, there is an option of “Clear browsing data”. You must have to click on that.


Step 04:

Then a menu will be there in front of you with many options of different sites which you have searched on your system. Select the data which you want to delete and make sure that you have correctly selected all those searched data.


Step 05:

After selecting the data for the deletion from the chrome click on the “Clear data” button and all that searched data will be cleared from the browser. This deleted data will be no longer part of your search history.




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