How to Promote your Facebook Page

Creating a facebook page if not enough you should have to promote your facebook page. There is a list of ways for promoting your Facebook page. We will discuss here 5 different ways to answer how to promote your Facebook page.

1.Analyze top 10

Go to the newsfeed of your Facebook account and rank the posts according to its likes, shares, and comments. This is the fastest way of promoting a Facebook page. According to this ranking posts different thing in your facebook page. Search the most common things like by people.

2. Don’t Cross-Post

Cross posting is just done to safe the time. For the promotion of your page don’t cross post.

3.Post on the Best Time

Don’t post at every time. Choose the best time which is mostly early morning or late night because most of the people are free at that time and are online. To check are your fans online check the posts reports in the facebook insights and if most of them are online then post it is the best time.

4.Use Your Blog

If you have a blog which have the potential to increase visibility of your post then use that post. For the increased promotion of your page use that type of post which become easily popular among the people. Visibility is simply increased by embedding relevant page updates within blog posts

5.Tell Fans to Get Notification

That might be possible that people like your page but they not get their notification. You can help your fans by telling them how to get the notification of your page.



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