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Trout fishing | Everything you need to know

Trout fishing is the world 4th most popular fishing after fishing of bass, panfish, and catfish respectively. Fisher must have to known about species of the trout before fishing. Most common species of trout are brook, rainbow and brown trout which are somewhat similarities in its features. Trout is freshwater fish and found commonly in lakes and clear streams with the temperature range from 16 – 60°C.

Naturally distribution of trout throughout the lakes of North America, northern Asia, and Europe. The brown trout (Salmo trutta) and Breac Donn (Gaelic) is a local Irish species or the almost broadly dispensed freshwater fish. It flourishes between waters of every type, beside small mountain streams to huge limestone rivers and streams. Its major necessities are luminous water and pebble of which to spawn. Trout are truly bony, but the body is usually viewed after lie tasty. The flavor regarding the corpus is heavily influenced through the diet over the fish.

License Required

For fishing all types of trout the first major thing you required is a government license for fishing. Young one must have to be at least 12 years old to have fishing license and below 12 years fishing is for free.

Fishing Where and When

As mentioned above trout is distributed worldwide in nearly every temperature water so the thing taken in consideration is the:

  • Tidy water
  • Cool water
  • Must have cover from the predator to protect your trout.
  • For catching trout food like aquatic insects, crawfish or minnows is required.

Habitat of the trout consists of lakes, streams, ponds, and rivers with temperature range of 16 – 60°C. Fish location, behavior or fishing procedures intention differ relying on whether or not you’re fishing into still waters or shifting waters.

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Fishing Trout in Still Water

In still water trout is moving while looking for food but on the other hand, they do not go far away from its protective cover to confirm protection from its predators. The best day of year to trout fish within lower elevation lakes is into the spring and fall now the water is cooler and the trout are greater active. In the warm summer months, anglers can look for trout in cooler, deeper waters, then between high breeding lakes up to expectation remain clear year-round.

In hotter components concerning the state, certain as much the Willamette Valley or alongside the coast, trout fishing within lakes or ponds perform remain good nicely in the winter months and that for anglers hardy adequate to courageous cold and moist weather.

In still water, most of the trout’s are present in

  • Near to aquatic vegetation
  • Around logs, stumps, and rocks
  • In deeper water in warm weather

Fishing Trout in Moving Water

Most rivers and streams fish excellent within the spring and fall when water temperatures are cooler. Few rivers and streams are stocked, so you’ll probably be fishing for naturally reproducing or berserk fish. As the water receives warmer, appear for trout within quicker riffles where the water receives re-oxygenated so it tumbles upon rocks.

In shifting waters, trout have a tendency to preserve within one spot and be waiting for the water cutting-edge to deliver meals to them.

In addition to searching for meals or safety beside predators, trout into transferring waters are additionally searching for a area to relaxation beyond the current.

In moving water, most of the trout’s are present in

  • Behind rocks and other giant structures
  • Near steer
  • Near undercut banks
  • In deeper water

Equipments for Trout Fishing

Your best journey to fish for trout must include the following equipment

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Different sizes bait hooks
  • Bobber
  • Artificial bait
  • Lures
  • Handful spinner
  • Worms

World Records of Trout Fishing

Brook Trout: 6.57 kg (14 lbs. 8 oz.)
Cutthroat Trout: 18.59 kg (41 lbs. 0 oz.)
Bull trout: 14.51 kg (32 lbs. 0 oz.)
Rainbow trout: 21.77 kg (48 lbs. 0 oz.)
Lake trout: 32.65 kg (72 lbs. 0 oz.)
Brown Trout: 19.08 kg (42 lbs. 1 oz)


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