The key Differences between WordPress.Com and WordPress.org

The most important topic under discussion these days and the topic about which most of the newbies in online field get confused with is that what is the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. If they are different, what exactly are the culprits that let them differ? How close or how far do they differ? Is it Offline or Online? Is it costly? Which among them is better? All of these questions of yours will be answered in the article below and Do You know those above questions are actually the ones that makes you choose the right platform of your need because both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are designed keeping your needs in mind. Let’s see which of these two falls exactly appropriate to your need.

Starting From the very beginning, when you type WordPress in your Google search bar, two types of sites are loaded to you. WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org this is where you get confused regarding which one to pick. This first encounter of yours leads to the rise of questions mentioned above the answers of which we promised to give you.

So let’s go!

The key differences between WordPress.Com and WordPress.org

Let’s put a glance at the main differences

WordPress.com WordPress.Org
Offers less Freedom Complete control over website
Hosting is Provided to you You are allowed to choose hosting you desire
Customization is limited Can be customized up to 100%
Coding skills not required .Coding skills are required at beginner level
Expensive Cheap Comparatively
Site can only be placed under subdomain Site is placed in domain
You are not allowed to do Full Fledged Branding You can promote your site any way you want
Limited disk space Disk space can extend.


You might have got an idea about the key differences but now let’s discuss them one by one.


  • com although gives you a free domain and hosting but it limits your freedom
  • The site you made under wordpress.com would me placed under subdomain like- Mysite.WordPress.com i-e StudentsFounder.wordpress.com
  • It does not allow you to remove WordPress own ads thus limits your Branding of the website
  • It gives you a disk space of 3GB which is enough for a blogging website but limited for E-commerce and Business websites
  • You can’t monetize your Blog/Website
  • Themes and Plugins that aren’t available by default can’t be installed
  • For a commercial purpose, WordPress.com puts on you the cost of approx. $110 annually to run a website which is why we said its Expensive


  • It gives you complete Freedom on your website and you can customize it the way you want
  • There are many hosting companies such as Name cheap and blue host that allows you to buy a hosting for your website at reasonable prices
  • Your website is not under the subdomain. It’s in Mysite.com way i-e StudentsFounder.com
  • You can easily launch your website under less than $35 annually
  • You can install any plugin of your choice

In short, you can do everything you desire to do with WordPress.org

Above were the main differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. We hope it cleared your confusion.






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