WordPress Course 2020

WordPress Course Review and Course Outline for beginners to advanced


WordPress Course Review

This course is a combined initiative of the collaboration of Students Founder with Kashif Khan. The course is an effort to deliver a free WordPress course for Beginners and Advance level students via videos on YouTube and Blogs on Official site.

The course has been designed after years of learning experience. The course is also optimal for the students not belonging to IT because we believe that utilization of technology should be learned.

WordPress Course Objective:

We in this course aim to deliver to you all that matters on WordPress and how you can do everything perfectly. From getting started to WordPress to understanding the common terms, Buying Hosting and Domain and ranking your site high, and how to make money out of this Platform. The course will also help you to be able to create your own website.

The course will enable you to be Proficient orderly in terms of learning WordPress from low level to advance level via videos on YouTube and blogs on official website.

The Beauty of WordPress

  • No Prior WordPress Experience required
  • No Coding Experience is essential
  • It’s an Entry Gate to Online World
  • SEO Friendly
  • Safe and Secure

What you will learn in this Course?

Below is the course outline under which you can get to know about what will you learn in this course?

  1. Introduction
  • Getting into WordPress
  • Understanding the common terms
  • Why choose WordPress?
  • Getting to know the WordPress family
  • Staying updated with WordPress news
  • Using theme and plugin directories
  • com vs. WordPress.org
  1. Domain & Hosting
  • Recommended domain name registrars
  • How to buy a domain name
  • Recommended web hosting providers
  • What to consider when choosing the right hosting plan of your needs
  • How to purchase a web hosting account
  • How to point/link domain name to website
  1. Navigating cPanel (Your Web Hosting Account)
  • How to set up work emails ([email protected])
  • Syncing emails with your email provider (e.g. Gmail, Live, Yahoo)
  • Assessing File Manager (Managing your website files)
  1. WordPress Installation
  • 3-step WordPress installation
  • Logging into WordPress
  • The wp-admin panel
  1. WordPress Themes
  • Modern Web Design trends
  • Choosing a reliable WordPress theme
  • Installing a theme
  • Installing a child theme
  1. Settings
  • General
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Discussion
  • Media
  • Permalinks
  • Managing users
  1. Plugins
  • How to install plugins
  • Setting up Advanced plugins
  1. Adding Site Content
  • Planning your website architecture
  • Creating webpages
  • Creating subpages
  • Setting up your main navigation menu
  • Adding content with the Visual Editor and Text Editor
  • Adding images to your page
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Publishing your page
  • Creating posts
  • Setting up a blog
  1. Contact Form Creation
  • Creating a contact form
  • Embedding a contact form
  1. Customizing Website Appearance
  • How to upload a logo
  • Customizing the sidebar
  • Customizing the footer
  • Customizing your website with code
  1. Making Your Site Search-Engine-Friendly
  • Installing WordPress SEO
  • On-page SEO ranking factors
  • Maintaining your site speed and loading time
  1. Website Backup and Maintenance
  • Keeping your WordPress version, plugins, and themes up to date
  • Backing up your website with Duplicator
  • Keeping your website secure and up to date


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